Please do the following steps.

Currently we do not offer bank re-consolidate with your real bank in the software. 

  • Note: Think of the data security issue? knowing the technology well, we don't trust our competitors security who does this.

We do setup the correct bank account in the accounting system. We ask you to name the bank that is used for an individual property. 

  1. This enables the accounting system to function properly. 
  2. We offer a opening bank balance dialog whereas you can enter the opening bank balance when the property is first entered into the system.

  • Note: The system will prevent a bank from being assigned to more than one property. There will be a unique name to this bank, such as a suffix auto assigned.

You can download all the property bank transactions from our system for your bank account re-consolidation.Then do the bank re-consolidate out of system.

  • Note: If this bank re-consolidate feature is a must have, we offer our feature Xero connect.

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