Non Sufficient Funds

Non Sufficient Funds is possible but rare. We charge the tenant a $40.00 fee for this as the payment system will charge our firm. 

Late fees must be applied manually by the landlord. So be prepared to look at the alerts in the dashboard, a NSF message will be shown. We will message the landlord of this tenant failure.

  • Very important: We appease this situation by not offering automatic recurring rent payment. 
  • We believe if a tenant makes a manual rent payment each month they are conscious of their recent bank balance lessening the chance of a Non Sufficient Funds accident.

If our attempts to collect these NSF fees from the tenant fail, the landlord is responsible to pay the NSF fees directly to us.

Note: Our system does not re submit on NSF. A replacement payment must be initiated by the renter thorough the normal process and screens.

Note: All financial disputes are between the tenant and the landlord directly.

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