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Screening program components

Background check reports hand-compiled by professional background screeners!


InstaCriminal statewide search – And instant statewide database search, available in 38 states. Criminal record information and coverage varies from state to state.


County Criminal search – A physical search of county courthouse records – the most updated and detailed criminal search available.


Employment verification – (Interviewed by our human telephone investigators)



We excel in this discovery, as we get on the phone and speak with these peoplenot depend on some database search data like our competitors.


Using the employment information provided by the applicant our human verifiers contact the employer directly by phone and issue an employment verification request. This is to ensure the applicant does in fact work there and to verify the income claim they made.


  1. What is the employee start date?
  2. What position does the employee hold?
  3. How Much Does the employee Earn per month?
  4. What Are the Long-Term Job Prospects?


We also verify:

Match the employee's name with the name on the application.

Report the name and phone number of the person we spoke with.

Report the name of the company we spoke with.


Rental history verification – (Interviewed by our human telephone investigators)


We excel in this discovery, as we get on the phone and speak with these people,  not depend on some database search data like our competitors.


Examples:A rental applicant who looks great on paper isn’t necessarily risk-free. The best way to avoid potentially troublesome renters is by requesting a reference check from their previous landlords. A renter who is coming up on the end of a lease and desperately trying to find a new place may not have any qualms about being dishonest when answering your screening questions. 


  1. Was the rent paid on time and in full?
  2. Did the tenant take good care of the home or property?
  3. Did the tenant display disruptive behavior?
  4. What was the rent amount?
  5. What was the deposit amount?
  6. What was the deposit amount that was refunded?
  7. Did the renter bring in other people during the lease? Where they on the lease?
  8. What was the condition of the property upon their lease end?
  9. Did you give notice to vacant or any other non compliance issue?
  10. Was the renter a good communicator?
  11. Did they fulfill the lease term?
  12. Did the renter abide by the Pet policy?
  13. Would you rent to this person again?


We also state:

  • Name of person who you spoke with.
  • Name of person that made the call and asked the questions.


Eviction search –


An instant statewide database search for eviction records, available in 36 states.

This background screening tool examines millions of eviction records that are collected for our database for your benefit.

The all-new National Eviction Search combines the power of an SSN Trace with national evictions database. By using the full name and address history associated with the applicant’s SSN, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting an address with an eviction, are prevented.


Lease management - eSignature


NEW - Simplify Lease Signing with eSignature, and cloud lease storage.


A simple, secure, quick way for applicants to fill out and complete their lease documents online – 24/7. The eSignature is just like getting a signature in person.


Background screening reports can take 24-72 hours to be completed. This is for a number of reasons. 

Tenant Screening (Leaseze) goes much deeper than the normal background check. Our background screening reports may include physical phone calls to landlords and employers.

  • Landlords and Employers are sometimes busy and hard to get a hold of. We will keep trying for 2 business days to contact them. Once a response is received, or 48 hours (or 2 business days) have passed the report will be completed and returned to the landlord as is. 

Leaseze will make your rental property investments profitable