No matter where you are in the rental process, the first step is setting up your property. We require some very basic information from you. 

Enter the address and details of your unit upload a picture. 

On the right menu is Add Property

1) Name the property (create a name that would be a headliner in an advertisement) 

Fill in the all information that you need. We let you decide how much detail to enter and when if ever to enter it. We want to make it simple for our users. 

  • The property is automatically vacant until you move in a tenant. 
  • This property will only be in the Rent Roll when leased.
  • The property will be under the vacancies tab until you move in a tenant.

You can add 100's of properties at no charge if you need to manage them.


To upload pictures, save the property, then navigate to the leasing tab, sub tab vacancies, select the property by clicking on the name link.