Navigate to the Properties tab. Click on the property name you want to advertise.

Click the "edit" button. (notice the last four fields) Enter the data there and click Add property.

Click Green button.

Vacant properties are listed under the Leasing tab. sub tab Vacancies. Go to the Vacancies tab. 

These properties are clickable with name of the property link.

 Add all the details for the property, add pictures, add description, ect. Save your changes.

Once this is done you navigate to the Advertising tab. 

In the third accordion is a button for Preview. 

A new browser window is created. You preview your advertising ad in a new browser window

It looks like a advertising website just for your property.

Once you like your ad, click the button "List your property".

Each of these last two steps will provide on page interface messages that describe the status of your process. 

The actual promotion of the ad may take some time, as it waits in a queue to be published. You can return to this page and click on the "Confirm" button to get the current status message.

More information found here

Leaseze will make your rental property investments profitable