Once the tenant has added a bank account to make their rent payments, we'll send two small deposits to their bank account.

NOTE: These typically take 1-2 business days to appear in the tenant bank account.

Once the tenant has received these small deposits on their bank account, they should:

  • Log into the tenant portal account and verify the amounts. This is a security measure that helps us ensure the payment account information is correct and the bank account truly belongs to the tenant. 
Once the tenant knows the amounts of these two very small deposits:
  • Enter in the amounts of the two deposits we sent
  • Click "Verify Amounts"

    Once the tenant enters the correct deposit amounts, the payment bank account will be verified and automatic monthly rent payments will be all set up.


    Note: Another description for verify bank accounts is called " Micro deposits"

    Most bank customers have experienced this process in the past. The banking industry has used this method for the last 20 years.

    It is possible a tenant has very little bank experience during their life. We want to assist with this process when the tenant struggles.

    In this case the landlord should open a support ticket with us here: support@myrentalmanagement.freshdesk.com


    We will need this information, please include this data in your support ticket:

    • Landlord full first name and last name
    • Tenant full first name and last name
    • Tenant email address
    • Rental property full address
    • Routing number on tenant's bank
    • Amount of micro deposit one
    • Amount of micro deposit two
    We will do out best to help the tenant. Our support personal will notify you of the results of this effort.