We have a virtual assistant program. These folks will do all the work for you with the exception of a open house, or on premise activity.

There is a charge of $ 10.00 for a phone call. This phone call can last up to one hours time

Just some small examples:

  • They can co-ordinate repair work. 
  • They can pre screen applicants. 
  • They can book some expenses in the accounting system
  • They can set up vacancy advertising for your rentals
  • They can enter in data in your Leaseze Property Management System

Anything you can think of, like a personal assistant.

Just think of how much easier your property management can be with someone doing all the work!

Any questions? Send us a email at : support@myrentalmanagement.freshdesk.com

We will respond with the telephone number for the service and any answers to your questions

Note: Please make sure if you use a cell phone you have very good network coverage. If the phone line drops the system will charge for an additional call when you try to re connect. When the call ends the Virtual Assistant work on your behalf ends for the session!.