When we launched, Leaseze we would most certainly have been considered a late entrant.

The pricing that our competitors charge wasn’t attractive for many landlords.

The incumbents that came before us paved the way well before we entered - though that didn’t scare us, as what was available out in the market, simply didn’t fit our landlord service model.. and more importantly, didn’t solve the problem(s) that landlords were having as well as they could have.

When we started out on our journey we knew to get adoption with landlords that have traditionally been using a paper and pencil we had to be different.

Moving to the internet and doing your property management had to be free.

So we built the whole foundation with that type of costing model. 

We focused our engineering and design so carefully thought out that we could operate profitable with a extremely low cost structure.


And thanks to the cloud and new tools we are successful.

Not free for some time.

Not free for a few properties.

Not free for a limited amount of features

Only one way, Free for everything.

We could have charged you 35 bucks every month, like everybody else does.

But you like to do things differently, and so do we.

We do have partner offerings and do contact rental applicants after the landlord has denied them. As these folks have other services they need.