Q: Why do I need to upload a scan or photo of my driver's license?

A : One of the primary reasons we can get users up and running so quickly is our rather unique registration process. When signing up for a Leaseze account, we use the information you enter to verify the person signing up for the Leaseze account. This is because part of our responsibilities to our financial partners involves verifying your identity.

In order to get you fully up and running with your Leaseze account, we will request that you upload a webcam snapshot, scan or mobile phone photograph of a government-issued Drivers License photo ID. 

For security reasons, we do not accept copies of IDs over email.

The system will take you through the registration process.

There are three methods to get the drivers license picture:

  1. Smartphone camera
  2. Webcam snapshot
  3. Or scan the Drivers License image 

We need this in color.

Note: Four corners of the drivers licenses must be visible

Is your picture to big and you need to reduce the size?

Use this:

Reduce picture size



1) Uploading the drivers license directly from the mobile phone.

Your mobile phone will upload files into Leaseze a bit differently for each mobile phone manufacturer/type. Normally the mobile phone upon upload will give you 3-4 choices where to select the file from. You want to choose the option from your -- file system / folders /documents ect.

When you take the picture of your drivers licenses you want to save it to this exact location on your phone system (file system / folders /document) and name it carefully, so your upload will be easier.

Note: Use the wifi connection (ONLY) for your mobile phone when you upload the drivers license to Leaseze.

Note: Do not send the driver license with email, as the email application will destroy the size and density of the drivers license image.

2) Use the WEBCAM snapshot:

In Windows operating system, "search webcam", click on app, allow access to your webcam, then when the camera is on, hold your license up to the camera so that all of it is in the picture. Click the Snap button to capture a photo.

These photos are saved as files in the media folder.

When taking your webcam photo out of your web-camera; one of the main important things to focus on when taking a photo is the lighting. Be sure that the light source is not behind the object.

If the photo does not look right, you can take another snapshot as many times as you need to get it right .


Choose to upload a photo of your license. Select the appropriate file off of your computer. Let the file upload.

*NOTE: The file you upload must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG formats. PDFs will not work.* 

3) If you use a scanner and not a mobile phone you might have this problem.

Remove white space around the picture 


Example: Not acceptable drivers license image.

  1. Blurry image
  2. Text can't be read
  3. Background must be removed.

If you've been notified that one of your documents is rejected or expired, this may be because: 
- the image is blurry or dark
- the document will soon expire
- the image does not include all 4 corners of the document
- the document has already expired

If you have problems you can open a support ticket for this at :