The Leaseze application can upload advertising images and will automatically save them in two sizes (large, small versions) for the Leaseze application requirements.

Beware!, The photos you upload should all be the same size. Whatever size you choosemake sure each photo is the exact same size.

Photo sizes:

The correct size and weight should be considered.

To upload a picture the size of a complete computer screen does not work.

What is the correct size and weight?

Let us look at a diagram to explain.

The smallest size shown about is 2Gb, but still as large as a full computer screen.

The real advertisement has much smaller pictures, about 1/4 that size At the very largest.

Note: We only support a 500mb picture to be uploaded, about 1/4 the size of a full computer screen. 

If you receive an error message stating your photos are the incorrect size, the photos will need to be resized. There are many free software tools and online services for resizing photos. Please edit the size of the photo using a photo editing tool before uploading it to our system. 

Is your picture to big and you need to reduce the size?

Use this:

Reduce picture size