How does Lead Tracking Software Work?

Depending on the lead source (email, phone call, or online inquiry) you can create a prospective tenant profile, sometimes referred to as a “Guest Card” in the industry, that contains a tenant lead’s interests.  If a prospect finds you online via the vacancy advertisement in Leaseze they can fill out their own tenant lead profile about their ideal rental property.

Tenant Lead Management is an important part of running a successful rental business. If you have an efficient system to organize all your interested applicants, you make your job that much easier when a vacant property pops up in your portfolio.

Each advertisement has a form where the interested lead or applicant can submit their interest.

Leaseze provides tools for this whole process:

It all starts in the leasing tab, sub tab applicants:

    Note: The interested leads come to you electronically from our back end into this system sourced from your vacancy advertising. 
              This is part of our automated flow.


Once your applicant has filled out the online application this data will be under the sub tab "application".