Q: Why do I need to upload a scan or photo of my driver's license?

A : One of the primary reasons we can get users up and running so quickly is our rather unique registration process. When signing up for a Leaseze account, we use the information you enter to verify the person signing up for the Leaseze account. This is because part of our responsibilities to our financial partners involves verifying your identity.

In order to get you fully up and running with your Leaseze account, we will request that you upload a scan or mobile phone photograph of a government-issued Drivers License photo ID. 

For security reasons, we do not accept copies of IDs over email.

We are a FREE service and do not request credit cards from users. However sometimes credit cards can help a company validate identity for security purposes. We do validate both the landlord and the tenants identity to prevent scams. We do this by requiring a upload of drivers licenses in either pdf or jpeg formats as long as it is in color (a scanned image). You can use a smart phone camera or a scanner.

As step 2 of 3 we require a landlord to upload a color scan of their drivers License. In this way we can validate their identity and prevent scammers.

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