Note: Warning - Caution; Any bank balance adjustment is for reasons that some hidden mistake is noticed between your real bank balance the lease accounting system. Any use of the bank balance adjustments will deem the "Profit and Loss" incorrect. There are out of system methods to do bank reconciliation that may be a better choice. More information


When you do a bank reconciliation and find your bank account and this Leaseze accounting system does not match, that usually means a accounting posting was missing somewhere.

We assume you forgot to post a transaction in the property journal. 

  1. You can study both and discover these missing transactions and once found, add them to the Property Journal. 

However in some cases it is not known.

We provide for this bank balance adjustment. Just click on bank balance by navigating to the :

(1) Accounting / Property journal, 

(2) Select the property click on the property name. 

(3) The bank balance will be shown in the upper right corner. 

(4) Click on the bank balance. 

A dialog will be shown for you to enter the new bank balance. You will see the current system bank balance. If these two are not the same you can adjust this here. 

  • Note:Be careful, just enter the new number you want the bank balance to be! 
  • The accounting system will do the math.